Escorial Consulting

Senior Executive and Corporate Branding
Social Media, Digital Marketing & PR Consultancy


The dilemma

Business leaders see the potential of combining corporate and individual digital marketing and social media activity, but fail to develop an effective strategy to make best use of the tools available.


What we do

Your clients are almost certainly on the web - Escorial Consulting builds your digital presence and the reputation of your senior executives. We provide you with the content and coordination needed to build your company's full social media presence.

In today's large and crowded market we get your message out, we keep you visible, and we connect you to your clients.



Industry engagement

We deep dive into your company and industry, identifying your key clients and build commentary they want to hear. We ensure your voice is heard. Our results can be seen in market-leading levels of client and community social media engagement.


Reputation building

Utilising thought leadership to build corporate and individual credibility. We manage your digital and social media persona, leveraging trade press and micro commentaries to maximize your company's digital footprint. 


Growing connections

Thoroughly exploiting multiple online platforms to grow you and your business's peer-to-peer connections. We develop social media connections with key stakeholders and clients, ensuring you deliver the right content, to the right people, at the right time.


We used social media to rebuild the company and CEO’s reputation following a crisis event which made traditional PR of limited use. Results: developed multiple alternative channels for influencing clients and delivering targeted messaging to clients and the wider industry. Within three months we were getting positive third party press coverage.
— Multi National Industrial Company (USA, Europe, South East Asia, China)
How do you deliver multiple messages to clients all over the world? We combined individual social media activity, core corporate messaging, and press coverage to deliver key messages to wide range of client segments. Results: Boosted company engagement rates to some of the highest seen in the professional services sector. Client feedback confirmed key executives were identified as thought leaders
— Global Professional Services Firm
Developed social media thought leadership content for the company CEO and pushed company marketing onto social media. Results: The company consistently out-performs much larger competitors online. The CEO has developed a greatly expanded online profile with both key clients and professional leaders publicly lauding the personal commentary.
— Rapidly Growing International Services Company (USA, Europe, South East Asia, China, Hong Kong)